Even closer, Still No Cigar. But a Silver Lining…

Well it’s Thursday now, and I guess it’s taken me this long to get over the anguish of missing the accomplishment of my 2011 cyclocross season goal by one finishing place, because last Sunday, that is exactly what I did…

Elite Men's Podium at 2011's BASP #4: Winner - Andy Jacques-Maynes, 2nd - Krishna "Red Beard" Dole, 3rd - Jacob Magnusek (a World Cup MTB racer from Czech Republic) & me...in 4th.

In case you didn’t read it in my earlier posts, this cyclocross season I had a single goal to achieve a podium finish in one of the four Bay Area Super Prestige races. I wanted to show my progress in the sport, and give myself the desired confidence that I’m on my way to being a real life bike ninja. Two weeks ago I came close at BASP #3 in Golden Gate Park–I got 5th. And this past Sunday I came even closer with this 4th place at BASP #4 in San Mateo at Coyote Point Park.

It was a good result, but unfortunately it doesn’t satisfy my goal. And while being included in another podium presentation was nice, it was also tough to have come so close, without the cigar…twice.

But…”there’s always next year!” And if there’s anything I know about life on the bike, it’s that the real heroes never give up. And seeing as Rand Miller (who writes a far more entertaining blog than I do) is predicting big things from me, it must be true.:) Of course, knowing Rand, if he’s right and I get any better at cyclocross that would be a blessing and a curse. I think I’m at a threshold now and if I cross it, the curse will be when he’s compelled to poke more fun at me in future blog posts.😉

Ok, enough of all that. I mentioned a silver lining…

I must admit it’s been a pretty successful 2011 cyclocross season. The two Cross-Dresser practice races aside, here are my stats…

13 Race Starts
10 x Top-10 Finishes
7 x Top-5 Finishes
4 x Podium Finishes (1st-3rd)
2 x Wins
& because it’s rad to be able to say it…
A 6th place in a World Championship

So, I’ll at least pretend to be satisfied.😉

And now a couple more photos from Sundays BASP season finale…

I managed the holeshot on lap one until here on the beach where AJM ran past me in the sand, and never came back.
Thanks by the way, to the nice young lady who provided the "plumbers crack dollar hand-ups." The dollar I scored here was a nice addition to the purse for 4th place. Gotta love the cyclocross!

Link and credit for the hand-up photo here. The other two photos are credited to Wifey.

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