2012 NAHBS (Part 1): Handmade in Nor Cal…

I was born in Mammoth Lakes California–learned how to ride a bicycle there. My family moved to the Sacramento Valley along the American River–a great place to pedal. And thanks to my grandparents, my family has always had a home in North Lake Tahoe–so I enjoyed a lot of life & pedaling there too. In college I followed a girlfriend to Chico–rode bikes there. Girlfriend and I transferred down to Davis, a bike town, and finished school there–I discovered I liked bikes even more. Turned girlfriend into “Wifey” and we moved to Marin County–a bicyclists paradise. Started careers there–mine was in bicycles. Traveled the world for a bit–brought our bikes. Returned to life and work in San Francisco–brought the bikes back. Guess what…I still do bikes!

Suffice it to say…I am a Northern Californian, and a bicyclist!

Well, in the heart of Northern California there’s Sacramento, and right now, in the heart of Sacramento there’s a bunch of really passionate bicyclists who are gathered there to celebrate a bunch of really nice bikes. It’s the 2012 North American Handmade Bike Show and it’s something I’ve been very excited about!

Part 1: “NAHBS in Nor Cal!” Let the photo’s be your guide…

Welcome to NAHBS 2012 in Sacramento California
Since 1987 a man by the name of Steve Rex has been passionately building his own handmade, custom bicycles...right in the heart of Midtown. I've admired his bikes a long time, and this weekend Rex is a deserving host to his fellow North American frame and component builders.
Rick Hunter (on the right). Another Northern California frame builder, a bad ass, and a good friend and sponsor of the local cyclocross scene.
Soulcraft of Petaluma California.
How stoked is the kid who's mom or dad rips them around on this bike? Craig Calfee was there...of Santa Cruz California. A pioneer in carbon frames...his were the first to appear in the Tour de France. And then he pioneered in the art of making high performance bikes out of bamboo.
Based in Napa California...Retrotec & Inglis.

And now that I’ve given props to a selection of the handmade bike industry right here in the VeloCouch homeland…I’ll take a break and look forward to posting more NAHBS photos tomorrow.

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