In order to succeed…

…sometimes you have to be willing to admit defeat. Well… “DEFEAT already!”

A couple posts ago I wrote about my desire to post less content about myself and my own bicycling adventures so that I could make some room for some editorial content to appear. But now that this only the second post in as many months, it’s clear that my campaign is not as successful as I hoped it would be.

To no surprise, I’ve been keeping myself so busy racing around in my own little world that free and independent thought seems to be a bit of a commodity for the time being. It’s like I’ve had to save it all for more practical purposes, namely work! Yeah, yeah…you’ve read it all before. Another chapter in the saga of Mitch Trux the workaholic. “Enthusiastically works himself into a ragged pulp, day after day, and always manages to come back for more.” Well, what can I say? I am who I am, and I enjoy it!

So, to catch you up on weeks past, I’ve been working…

Since its reinvention and expansion, the City Cycle business has required lots of energy as it takes on its first summer (always a busy time in the bicycling business), and I’ve been there, working with the team,  and doing my best to provide as much energy as possible. It’s been loads of fun! And I’m even famous for it…

That’s right folks. It’s this season’s installment of “Your Neighborhood Bike Shop Goes to Hollywood.” It was another fun project featuring yours truly as actor and director, and as it has aired throughout our local Tour de France coverage, and I’m already getting heckled with autograph requests everywhere I go, I figured what’s the harm in airing it here as well.:)

However, all work and no play is no fun at all, so I’ve also been riding my bike! This has also been a lot of fun lately because I’ve actually been getting back into some serious fitness. And as part of this, I’ve been keeping my Strava followers well entertained with lots and lots of climbing. In the past couple months I’ve gathered a whole collection of these shots from the East Peak at Mt. Tamalpais as I’ve endeavored to be stronger and faster every time up…

…and my photos all look like this. Sunny and warm while 2500 feet above a foggy San Francisco. A nice reason to get up there.:)

“Some serious fitness, eh?”

Uh…yeah! I’m pretty fit right now. And while I’ve yet to take any of this secret fitness out into the road racing season to prove it, that might happen before the season wraps. We’ll see. First, I’ve got a bigger fish to fry.

Here’s a shot of my new frying pan…

And here’s the fish…

Have you ever heard of the Leadville 100? Interestingly, a lot of people have. It started as an insane ultra marathon running race, and now it’s also an insane mountain bike race, and one of the most famous in the world. Among a bunch of other famously talented cyclists, Lance Armstrong is a past winner…

Leadville is impressive because it’s a 100-mile out-and-back course in the midst of the Colorado Rockies. Low point 9,200 feet and high point 12,424 feet at Columbine Mine. Majority is on forest trails with some mountain roads. Arguably the toughest one day cycling event in North America.

Well, I’ll be there and will have the honor and privilege of racing as one of the pros on the team sponsored by Herbalife 24, also the official nutrition supplier of the Leadville Race Series. And I’m headed to Colorado nearly two weeks early to get acclimated and enjoy some last minute training and camaraderie with my Leadville teammates at our Herbalife 24 Basecamp.

So, yeah. Exciting times! And although it does mean I’ll be writing more about myself, I look forward to keeping the VeloCouch blog alive while I tell what should be an eventful tale. I can visualize it now…

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